Do You Want to Understand Why Social Media Works? You can live it

Do You Want to Understand Why Social Media Works? You can live it

Together with other professionals, I attended a conference to discuss the importance and value of strong social media presences in marketing. The conversation shifted from tactical tips to a general ‘why’ more than once. Even with the abundance of statistics on social network usage, trends and conversion rates via social media, there were still a few confused looks and blank stares.

You won’t understand the “why” if you don’t actively engage.

Posting to Facebook, sharing tweets, reviewing restaurants and stores, and chatting with strangers about common interests. It’s not something I think about too much. It is just part of every day. It’s habit. It’s a way of life that I embrace social media. There are millions of us.

Why is social media so popular? What do we get from all this sharing, discussing and reading? It is so odd that’social media junkies’ find it so bizarre when people claim there is no value to our activities.

It’s about continuous learning. It’s all about making discoveries. It’s about finding new ways to look at things. It’s about recommending and supporting the brands and companies we love. It’s about being able to instantly access any information we need. It’s about having conversations about current events and news. It’s about conversations about current events and news happening right now. It’s about maintaining relationships even after we move away and finding people who like us where we are. It is about listening to those who inspire us and sharing our inspiration with others. It’s all about information, connection and emotion.

You can’t be convinced by statistics, charts-filled PowerPoints or panels of marketing experts. Without being a part, you can’t pretend to know how it works or understand the real “why” behind it.

If you aren’t a part or ‘get it’, how will you ever use it effectively as a marketing tool for your company? best smm panel How are you supposed to be enthusiastic about your campaign at all?

Do you want to become a better social media marketer than others? Get it done.